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特朗普“最后的机会”:阻挠各州完成选举结果认证 | 双语阅读

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全文共869个词, By Kadhim Shubber in Washington

As Donald Trump continues to dispute his election loss, the outgoing US president is approaching a series of deadlines that will further cement Joe Biden’s victory.

唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)还在继续对其落选表示异议,与此同时,这位即将离任的美国总统即将迎来一系列最后期限,这些期限将进一步巩固乔?拜登(Joe Biden)的胜利。

US states are certifying their results over the next few weeks in a staggered process ahead of December 14, the date on which the Electoral College formally meets to confirm the next president.


The lengthy timeline provides space for Mr Trump to cast further doubt on the clear verdict of the American people and to block the transition process to Mr Biden’s administration, even if he has little hope of overturning the result.


“As a technical matter, it’s inconsequential if the president fusses about the outcome of the election because it is not a fully decided process until all of these steps have taken place,” said Russell Riley, co-chair of the Miller Center’s presidential oral history programme.

“从技术上来说,总统对选举结果大发牢骚没什么要紧,因为在走完所有步骤前,这不是一个完全决定了的过程。”米勒公共事务中心(Miller Center)总统口述历史项目联席主席拉塞尔?赖利(Russell Riley)表示。

“The broader picture is it is a violation of all of the expectations of the office and a violation of the standards of fair play that make democracy possible,” he added.


Though voting ended on November 3, US states each have their own processes for ensuring a reliable count that typically involves multiple checks, laws that are particular to each state, and varying deadlines.


In Georgia, the certification deadline is November 20. After completing an initial tally, the state has embarked on a hand recount of every presidential vote as part of an audit.


Pennsylvania, where Mr Trump has mounted most of his lawsuits, has a November 23 deadline for counties to submit their final vote totals. The Trump campaign is seeking a court order to prevent the state from certifying its results.


In states including Georgia, the results are certified by the elected secretary of state, but the process is more idiosyncratic elsewhere, offering Mr Trump opportunities to throw a spanner in the gears.


In Michigan, the results are certified by a four-person board that has two Democrats and two Republicans, raising the prospect of a deadlock. The board has a 20-day window from November 23 to complete the certification with at least three votes.


Typically, Michigan’s presidential results are certified on the first day of the window without complications, but Democrats are preparing to force the board’s hand if the Republican members block or delay the process.


In a portent of that possibility, the board of canvassers in Wayne County, which includes the city of Detroit, deadlocked on certifying the results on Tuesday afternoon following a 2-2 split between Democrats and Republicans, who made allegations of irregularities.

这种可能性已出现先兆,周二下午,底特律所在的韦恩县(Wayne County)的计票委员会在认证结果上陷入僵局,该委员会的民主党成员和共和党成员以2对2的投票结果出现分歧,后者指控存在违规行为。

The Republicans subsequently reversed course late on Tuesday evening, allowing the board to unanimously certify the results on the condition that the Michigan secretary of state conduct an audit of precincts with out-of-balance tallies.


“The courts have been clear that the [Michigan board’s] duty is ministerial,” meaning that it does not have discretion, said Mark Brewer, a Democratic election lawyer in Michigan with the firm Goodman Acker. 

“法院已经明确表示,(密歇根州计票委员会)只有行政上的职责。”这意味着该委员会没有自由裁量权,马克?布鲁尔(Mark Brewer)表示,他是密歇根州Goodman Acker律师事务所的民主党选举律师。

The final certification deadlines among the main battleground states is December 1 for Nevada and Wisconsin. As each state gives its results the imprimatur of certification, the reality of Mr Trump’s defeat will become yet more stark.


The steady sequence of certifications will make it harder for the Trump administration to continue to resist the beginning of Mr Biden’s transition, particularly once states that give the president-elect a majority in the Electoral College have finalised their results. Federal law requires the release of transition funds when the result of the election is “apparent”.


Mr Trump can request recounts in states where the margin is close, like Wisconsin and Georgia, though these do not tend to change the vote totals by very much. The Trump campaign said on Wednesday it will ask for a partial recount in two predominantly Democratic counties in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Dane, and would transfer $3m to cover the estimated costs.


In any case, Mr Biden has a wide projected margin of 306 votes to 232 in the Electoral College, meaning that even extraordinary events overturning his win in one state would not undo his overall victory.


Those realities are a significant reason why Mr Trump’s legal actions are widely considered to have little to no hope of success.


“The campaign’s lawsuits so far don’t advance arguments to alter enough votes in enough states to change the outcome in the Electoral College,” said a Republican elections lawyer.


“It’s just not a close election,” added Ian Bassin, a former Obama White House lawyer and founder of Protect Democracy, a non-partisan group. 

“这不是一场双方票数接近的选举,”前奥巴马白宫律师、无党派倾向的组织“保护民主”(Protect Democracy)的创始人伊恩?巴辛(Ian Bassin)补充道。

The next steps after certification are a pair of deadlines in December. Congress has set the 8th as a “safe harbour” date that promises states their Electoral College votes will be counted if finalised by this deadline.


Six days later, electors meet separately in each state to cast votes in the Electoral College. The electors will be either Democratic or Republican depending on who won the particular state, and they generally vote in line with the state’s popular vote.


From there, the last stops are January 6, when Congress counts the Electoral College votes at a session presided over by Mike Pence, the incumbent US vice-president, and the inauguration on January 20.

接下来的最后几站分别是1月6日,国会在由现任美国副总统迈克?彭斯(Mike Pence)主持的一次会议上清点选举人团的选票,以及1月20日的就职典礼。

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